Nft Insight 2022 Event

Our story: How NFT Insights came to be

Our organization (and friendship) is all thanks to Soni Parke, who brought us together to consult with us about putting on an event. Jan, Martin, and Vojta from Artiffine wanted to support the education and integration of the women’s community into Web3, and Gabi and Michaela were involved with NFTs and the metaverse as part of “Girls in Crypto.” One thing led to the next, the consultation sparked the first NFT Insights event, and the foundations for a long and fruitful collaboration were established.


Misa is a co-founder of #holkyvkryptu (Girls in Crypto) and mentor in the Femme Palette program, which primarily helps women in fields of leadership.

Her mission is to help others get their feet wet in the tech world and thus bring different points of view to a field that guides our future.


Gabi is a Sr. Program manager in Gen and working in tech for the last 10 years with focus on brand and marketing. Her focus is on Metaverse, it's use cases, communities and connection to Web3. She is also interested in Metaverse fashion and branding, supporting talents to shine. She is an active mentor in Femme Palette.


Jan is a co-founder and legal specialist at Artiffine. As a Ph.D. in IT/IP law, he focuses on licensing schemes, compliance, and all related legal agenda. He also addresses these issues on a high level as part of the Harvard NFT Task Force.


Martin is the CEO and co-founder of Artiffine. He is the driving force behind its vision, has been actively involved in web3 since 2020, and has helped launch hundreds of successful projects as a technology consultant.


Vojtech is a co-founder and the driving force behind Artiffine's development. He is an experienced full stack developer in everything from blockchain to backend to React and UX/UI, and seamlessly manifests project visions into reality.